Swedish Game Conference FTW!

I was recently approached by the Swedish Game Conference to appear as a speaker at their event. Seeing that I’m working with some fantastic groups like Whiteout and Might and Delight in Sweden, and my history with Grin and Fatshark, I couldn’t say no!!

“We are proud to announce Adam Boyes as a speaker for SGC’s Video Games – Business and Market track.

“I am honored to have been asked to participate as a speaker at Swedish Game Conference. I had the pleasure of visiting Sweden as a teen, and from those early days spent in Linkoping & Stockholm, I always wanted to come back and spend as much time in Sweden as possible. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a multitude of Swedish Game Developers, and I look forward to contributing my knowledge and giving back to the great development community that is thriving in Sweden.” – says Mr. Boyes.”


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adamboyes - Adam Boyes is a 15 year game industry veteran who has specialized in Production and Business Development. He has held positions such as Executive Producer at Midway and most recently he ran the Product Development group at Capcom US.

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