“We jumped at the chance to work with Beefy Media because Adam’s wealth of Industry experience, innovative problem solving and infectious enthusiasm, truly compliments our own core values. He has sincerely taken time to get to know us and can act with our best interest in mind since he understands our Professional and Personal Values. We love working with a partner that will help us grow because their commitment and passion matches our own. We really consider Adam to be a vital part of our Mighty Family.”

- Might and Delight Team

“Beefy Media has been in invaluable partner, helping us continue to grow and evolve as a developer in all the right ways. Their success is a rare and magical blend of infectious enthusiasm, expansive knowledge of the industry, and an attentive and analytical approach, that when combined result in solutions that are as exciting as they are effective развлечения в Роза Хутор.”

- Justin Corcoran Co-Founder and CEO, Phosphor Games

“Adam’s understanding of Video Game development is unmatched. I have worked with him on a number of projects and he has an innovative mind and is always searching for the best way to get results. Adam is one of the people in our industry that will be pushing it forward in the decades to come.”

- Ryan Peterson Sr. Director of Business Development, Flashman Studios

“Adam Boyes is force of nature… a one of a kind whirlwind of passion and energy. Adam has deep knowledge about the craft of game making, and that comes through in everything he does. He’s the exact kind of guy I want this business to be filled with… but sadly there’s not enough Adam to go around”

- Chris Taylor Founder & CEO, Gas Powered Games

“Adam’s a gamer through and through which is a refreshing attitude to meet in the senior echelons of this industry – he’s enthused about the same stuff that we are and that is a rare thing indeed. Working with Adam was a true collaboration with a frank and honest exchange of ideas and opinions throughout.”

- Paddy Sinclair CEO, Proper Games Limited

“Adam is an incredibly articulate and energetic team builder and problem-solver that lets nothing stand in his way of getting the job done. He can diagnose and fix issues better than anyone I know and is fantastically talented at proactively addressing problems before they crop up. He’s awesome at raising his coworker’s effectiveness and getting the most out of the talent around him, the best mark of a true leader.”

- Kraig Kujawa Creative Director, Microsoft Game Studios

“Adam is an extraordinary individual. He’s one of the top three production guys I know or even know of in the game business. He has a wonderful eye for quality, a nearly flawless nose for BS and the ability to parse even the gnarliest of problems into solvable chunks. His honesty and integrity are nearly without peer in the industry.”

- Scot Bayless Founder, Scry Media