Developer Services

Are You Serious About Getting a Deal?

We’ve heard it a hundred times. “I think our idea is pretty good, and I can call a couple of guys I met at GDC to get a deal”.  Not a chance. What most developers don’t understand is that it can take months (or sometimes years) to finally get a deal with a Publisher. What they don’t know is that there are several key things that they could be doing to make their pitch and their studio far more intriguing to work with. After meeting with hundreds of developers as a Publisher and seeing the other side of things, we understand what it takes выставки в Казани.

We take you through Pitching Boot Camp

From the first thing you say to the formatting of your Powerpoint, the Pitch is the most important impression you will make. We go through every fine detail of your pitch, from the concept art to the mechanics design, and ensure that it’s ready for big time. We help provide a ‘Cheat Sheet’ of key concepts, and help you knock it out of the park.

We run through a Publisher Visit before the Publisher Visits

Most developers don’t understand that everything about a Publisher’s visit is critical to your success. We do a complete run-through of the visit, and provide detailed feedback to you in order to increase your chances of making a memorable first impression. The Pitch meeting was only the first step. The visit is the most critical part of closing a deal once the Publisher is interested.

Create an Identity for your Studio

In order to be top of mind with a Publisher, you need to stand out. We work with every facet of your organization to understand what makes you tick, and help you brand yourself and create to create an impactful identity. Publishers need to know who you are, and we will work to ensure that they won’t forget you.

Publishers get Turned On by Metrics

We’ve teamed up with the industry’s leading consumer qualitative and quantitative focus testing firm to bring those services directly to the Developer. If it’s an online survey or live consumers playing your prototype, we have the ability to create detailed reports about how impressed the public is about your concept. Nothing excites a Publisher more than tangible data that can help you sign the deal.

We do head-to-toe Developer Makeovers

Whether your studio is just starting out, or you’ve been around the block and can’t seem to get the deals that you want, we can help.

Ready to start getting serious about your studio?