Outside Investors

From the Outset

The Games Industry is the fastest growing entertainment market on the globe, and with this comes great opportunities. The industry is changing on a monthly basis, and it’s imperative to work with a group that has it’s finger on the pulse of the industry.

We will assist in finding lucrative  opportunities in the industry, and provide statistical data and trend analysis that will help you to make the right investment decision развод мостов в СПб.

It’s not just Venture Capitalists anymore

There are many different industries that are becoming more and more interested in the opportunities in the Games Industry – you may be an Advertising Agency, a Television Production House, or a Toy Manufacturer. If you need an independent view on how the  Games Industry works and what it takes to get your products into the market, Beefy Media is here to help.

We Work to Ensure Your Investment is Protected

Whether you are a Completion Bond Company, a Bank, a Financier or a Venture Capitalist, you need a group that can consistently monitor what’s happening on the project.

From the outset of the project, Beefy Media provides an in-depth due diligence review which will bring to the forefront key risks that we can mitigate.

We will provide monthly reports and updates on the Publisher or Developer involved in the process – from close schedule monitoring to thorough milestone reviews.

We can also help you protect your investment – by both creating contingency plans with secondary developers if the project is in jeopardy, and backing up the source code on a regular basis.

Due Diligence and Developer Audits

There are many facets to a game development organization, and we have developed a thorough organizational audit process that investigates the following areas:

  • Game Design
  • Production & Project Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Tools & Technology
  • Risk Analysis
  • Studio Leadership
  • Pitch & Creative Analysis

If you need are looking to invest in the Games Industry and have any questions, .