Breaking our silence with TWC Games

Ever since our Press Release went out on Friday, it’s been a whirlwind of activity at the ranch. When I started Beefy Media in May 2010, my goal was to work on great new games with some of the amazing people I have met throughout my career.  Our consultancy partnership with The Weinstein Company and TWC Games enables us a plethora of great IPs to work with, and our goal is to change the perception of ‘low quality’ Hollywood-based video games. We’ve been huge fans of many of the movies in The Weinstein Company’s catalog, and we know that there are high expectations out there from all of the other fans.

To celebrate our announcement, I also wanted to share some of the coverage that we got through the weekend. It’s been a massive outpouring of mostly excitement mixed with skepticism, and the next steps are for us to prove to the entertainment industry that we can do right by these great properties!

Be sure to follow @TWCGAMES & @BEEFYMEDIA on Twitter for our project updates!

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