The Only Way to GamesCom is via Amsterdam

My favorite non-North American video game conference is by far GamesCom. This conference occurs in Cologne, Germany each year, and the beauty of it is that it’s GDC & E3 all rolled into one big hot sweaty German mess. The Messe which the conference occurs in is split up, so while the business people are getting their meetings on in a clean and pristine environment, all ages of sweaty hot gamers are lining up for four hours to see a trailer that was viewable that night on the internets. On top of that, GDC Europe is scheduled for the same week, and I had a speaking gig on a panel to discuss how European-based developers can better succeed in getting noticed and finding success in North America.

This year, I convinced my good friends Dave Lang from Iron Galaxy Studios and Andrew “Smiffy” Smith to join me in attending. We decided to hit up Amsterdam on our way through, as we thought it would be a great idea to do some sightseeing before getting down to the vidgame conferency goodness.

Here’s a trailer video of our wonderful adventures through Amsterdam to GDC Europe & GamesCom:

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